I brew my own beer. It can be quite and intoxicating hobby if you are not careful. I consider it a very relaxing and rewarding hobby. It is one of those hobbies that no matter how much you know about it, how long you've been doing it or how much you read about it there is always so much more to experience.

I started out with extract brewing, which basically means that I bought a can of malt syrup, boiled it with water, cooled it, threw in some yeast, bottled it and then drunk it. Not very exciting but I learned alot.

Now I'm an all grain brewer. I have to mill the grain to the right grist consistancy. Put the grain in hot water and maintain the proper temperature, pH balance, and mineral content. Leave grain in the proper water for the right amount of time to achive the starch conversion from alpha- almalyse, beta-amalyse and awhole bunch of other thermosensitive enzymes.(this process is known as mashing). Then I rinse the grains with the proper temperature and amount of water.(Technically known as lautering) Boil the sugar water (also known at wort)while adding the different bittering, finishing and aroma hops at just the right time. Then I cool the pre-beer to the temperature best suited for the type of yeast strain. I will transfer the beer from the primary fermenter to the secondary fermenter or aging tank to settle and age. Then I keg and carbonate the beer and serve at the right time.

There is alot more very technical mumbo-jumbo that needs to be known to make beer but that's the short of it.

Check out my favorite Homebrew Supply Store. HOMEBREWERS OUTPOST. Their a group of great and knowledgable bunch of guys.
If you would like some recipes just e-mail me with a request and I'll do what I can

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