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Mike Taylor (see pictures below) and myself are looking for a sponsor for our karate team. We both took National Championship in the IMAC (International Martial Arts Counsel) circuit and are now would like to go for world titles through NASKA (North America Sport Karate). But we need someone to help pay for the expenses. In return we will do advertising to a large and wide adience of potential customers. If you or anyone you know might be interesed please e-mail me at rwcapen@mail.com

I took the national championship in "Mens 30-39 year old Black Belt open forms"

I have started my own Martial Arts Style. It's called KAO PAI KARATE and I'm known as Sensai Hoflung Sumdung

Seriously I'm a third degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and I have intermediate level belts in about half a dozen other styles.

I am currently retired with a longing to get back in, but without a place to workout and the time needed it is difficult to get back into the grind. Maybe I'll find the inspiration when I turn thirty and enter into a new catagory at the competetions.

My last workout partner is Michel "The Outlaw" Taylor. He is the most awsome competetor I've ever seen. He generally does his best work when he worksout alone. Anyone else that worksout with him will only slow him down. He is a good instructor if you want to learn. (just be careful not to injure yourself.)

Here's Mike and his mottos.

DUECE: Because everyone else is just second best.

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