Savatage, in my opinion, is the best band for all possible emotions. They can pump you up and get your blood going, they can make you think, and they can make you cry. The current line up has:

Zak Stevens: Vocals
Jeff Plate: Drums
Al Pitrelli: Guitar
Chris Caffery: Guitar
Jon Oliva: Keyboard, Vocals
Johnny Lee Middleton: Drums

Another member of the band that is silent, is the producer: Paul O'Neal

Here are the albums that I own. There are more albums out there (that I wish I had) but they are not available anywhere near where I live. Maybe someday. Click on album image for a bigger picture and track listing. They have some realy intrucate album covers. Also make sure you check out the song samples at the bottom. These are just some song samples off of the albums for more songs and Sava-info check out the officialSIRENS---This was their first album as savatage It has a good raw early 80's metal sound. The line up consisted of Jon Oliva: Vocals, Piano Chris Oliva (Jon's brother): Guitar, Backing Vocals Keith Collins: Bass, Backing Vocals Steve Wacholz: Drums, Percussion.

DUNGEONS ARE CALLING---This album has the same line up as sirens and the same feel. I like the raw harshness that is felt on the is album.

POWER OF THE NIGHT---This album has the same line up and feel as the first two. There are some mediocore songs and then there are some really bad songs in my opinion. This album shows some internal conflicts with the band.

FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT--- This album has a new member Johnny Lee Middleton on Bass and Backing Vocals. This is not the bands favorite album but I think it has some pretty good stuff on it. The change of Bass players was a good move.

HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING--- This album had the biggest change musically. It had the same line up as the last album but they added a new producer that also became a co-songwriter. They also change in a direction that I believe to be one of the smartest. They started to incorporate a classical music sound. For instance, the song Prelude To Madness is a rewitten work of the classical composer Greig's Hall of the Mountain King. The following albums have a very classical music overtones to them. Not all songs are reworks of classical composers but have classical music feel. Other songs are just plain Rockin' Heavy Metal.

GUTTER---This is a great album. I love Gutter Ballet, When The Crowds Are Gone, Silk And Steel, Temptation Revelation, Mentally Yours, Summer's Rain. It includes a new member of the band that they pick up touring the road. Chris Caffery on Guitars and Keys. I believe that It won the best Metal Album of 1989 or 1990.

"STREETS" A ROCK OPERA--- This is my most favorite album of all time. I mean better than any other artist or song. This is the most emotionally intense album I have ever encountered. The emotion in Jon Oliva can make you feel every word and emotion the character feels. It is a Rock Opera in every sense. Basically it is about a man named D.T. Jesus and his claim to fame and his loss to drugs and his come back and his rediscovery in a religous aspect. It has some religous overtones to it that fit perfectly with the theme. I would recommend this album to any first time listener to Savatage. If you have to order it, travel thoundsands of miles or summon the Gods of music to get this album, just get it. Listen to the emotions of all the songs and lose youself in the story.

EDGE OF THORNS---This is the first album where Jon Oliva didn't sing. A new singer named Zachary Stevens took over vocals and does a pretty good job. It took me some time to get used to it but the feel of the band was there. One of my all time favorite instrumentals is a tune called Exit Music. It is a simple piano piece but I personally can feel the emotion of the artist (Jon Oliva). Check out the cool cover, if you look close enough you can see a face in the branches in the trees.

HANDFUL OF RAIN ---This album seemed like the last album of Savatage. Not only does it not have Jon Oliva on vocals but it is also missing Chris Oliva. Tragically Chris was killed by a drunk driver on his way to a music festival in Florida (Savatage is originally from Florida). There is some incredibly intricate pieces of work on this album, including a tribute to Chris Oliva, Alone You Breathe. Even thou the song can be interpreted in a different way, if you listen enough you can feel the emotion. The song Chance would show a new and better (in my opinion) direction.

Dead Winter Dead---This is another awsome album. Some of my all time favorite music pieces are on here. The classical remake of Mozart's symphany 25, Beethoven's 9th, and the Christmas music is unbelievable and powerful. This is another rock opera that deals with the confict in Sarajevo. It is a great storyline and a great piece of work.

THE WAKE OF MAGELLAN---One more rock opera. This has intertwined two true stories with two ficticous stories. One is about the a woman reporters fight against the drug lords in Ireland, one is the struggle of a youngmans drug abuse. One is about some stow-aways on board a cargo ship in Nova Scotia and the way some are thrown overboard to their death. The last story is about a descendant of the famous Magellan the explorer (the one that sailed around the world) and his coping with growing old alone. This is another excellent album with intense emotion and intricate music.

*Some of my favorite song off of the album
Gutter Ballet:
When the Crowds are Gone*
Summer's Rain*
Streets 'A Rock Opera':
Jesus Saves*
Tonight He Grins Again*
Agony and Ecstasy
Edge of Thorns:
Edge of Thorns*
Conversation Piece*
Follow Me*
Handful of Rain:
Handful of Rain*
Stare Into The Sun*
Nothing Going On
Watching You Fall
Dead Winter Dead:
One Child*
Christmas Eve*
Dead Winter Dead
This Isn't What We Meant*