Vehicles I have and what I would like to have

(Some images are really bad, I don't have any image editing programs. But hey I did this web site for free).

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What I have

This is my new 1999 Kia Sportage 2-door convertable. It's white on the outside and grey on the inside. It's a nice little 4x4. It does great in the snow.

This is the closest picture I could get of my Toyota truck. It is a 1985 extra cab 4x4. It has about 145k miles and is a great, hard working and tough truck.

This is my Suzuki Katana Sport/Street Bike. I love it. It rides very smooth and handles great.

What I would like to have

The Hummer would be fun to play with but I don't know if I would want the headache that comes with ownership. I hear that they are not very reliable and spend more hours in the shop than on the road. Plus when they do break they are expensive to repair.
The Toyota Rav 4 is a more practical S.U.V. than the Hummer. It is closer to get but still out of reach. Maybe some day when I've made my second million (I gave up on my first million).
The Hayabusa is a great sportbike. It is fast light weight and looks great. Once again, maybe some day when I make my second million.

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